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People always ask how we can find right suppliers with right quality and right prices in Asia and how we work.

We are not affiliated with any suppliers.
Local knowledge and global experience is the core of our approach and services

Without a knowledge database, it can be difficult to judge which supplier in which country is the right choice for outsourcing – as different suppliers demonstrate strengths in different industries in different countries. By
utilizing our knowledge and database, we perform independent analysis of our clients’ outsourcing potential. We will advise our clients possible solutions to achieve what they desired for the sourcing project.

We perform according to our knowledge-based sourcing approach. It accelerates our sourcing cycle and provides clients with an optimal mix of suppliers for their targeted products. Through this approach, we believe it enables us to work in “1+1>2 synergy” with our clients.

In order to build up our supplier and product knowledge database, BroadZhii keeps accessing various suppliers through different channels. We filter, classify and rate suppliers according to their background and quality management measures. We conduct factory visit and product inspection for potential suppliers. After the evaluation process, we key in our findings in our knowledge database. With the aid of this knowledge database, we can shortlist suppliers for quotation and sampling and then undergo negotiations and selection. Once getting purchase orders from our clients, we can arrange with suppliers on production scheduling and shipment logistics. We believe through this knowledge-based sourcing approach we will provide a ‘best matching’ of suppliers to support the growth of our clients.

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