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Supplier evaluation and negotiations

There are no perfect and super suppliers in the world! Each supplier has its own position and demonstrates its strengths in different industries and expertise. We must find reliable and capable suppliers to meet your expectation with the aid of different supplier assessment programs. They include research, management interview, factory visit, sample testing and price comparison.

We assess suppliers mainly in 6 areas:

a. Company background
It covers evaluation on operation scale, management style, sales performance, client reference, corporate philosophy and corporate organization etc.

b. Research and development
It covers evaluation on in-house capability, technical knowledge, marketability, mix of production and market knowledge as well as budget on R&D projects.

c. Quality management
It covers evaluation on setting of quality standard, incoming materials/components quality control, procedural control, safety certifications, equipment testing, sample testing and compliance to
specification etc.

d. Factory condition
It covers evaluation on the overall maintenance of the premises, production facilities and general
housekeeping etc.

e. Employees & others
It covers evaluation on staff satisfaction, training and labor law implementation etc.

f. Price competitiveness
It covers evaluation and comparison on quotations against product features and specifications.

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