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New product design and development

Our research and analysis on Asian wide suppliers & products bring us to your world, and enable us to analyze current trends in the marketplace and why products were designed the way they were. Through our co-operations, we will develop a deep understanding of your need, your priority, your underlying values of selecting products, as well as your demand for revolutionary or evolutionary products. Mapping your experience with our findings generates us insights on new product opportunities. Let’s further discuss and we will propose you a new product design & development strategy as well as an analysis on the risks in product development.

Working together with our sourcing unit, our product design & development unit will take an active role in product design analysis and visual development. We understand that the value of design in a strategy. Making a product from concept to reality is a complex process. With further analysis on product design, it will help us to identify the “gap” between the current and the desired solution, and will facilitate us to develop breakthrough products.

Our design unit is experienced in both industrial and commercial product design. When developing products for international markets, we will take into consideration of the cultural views of design and the historical impact of particular design. Through a process of iterative refinement on the concept and technical details, we will finalize a design solution for you.

We will provide you 2- & 3- dimensions illustrations, structure specifications, samples and packaging solutions. With our connection with Asian suppliers, we can quickly identify reliable suppliers in right countries to manufacture and package the new products for you. We can represent you on production liaison and follow up on logistics. It will enable you to release your new products to market effectively & efficiently. On request, we can also provide you application and management services on patents, copyrights, secrets and trademarks.

As a whole, we will provide you full product development services from initial design strategy through concept development to prototyping, production and logistic arrangement.

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